Underground River (2021)

A film by Chloé Mossessian & Hank Mittnacht (Hank Midnight)
Production during the Artist Residency Huet Repolt

2 film excerpts ↴ Please contact to receive a private link to the full film.

In 1865, Brussels commenced a six-year project devoted to burying the Senne: a river in the heart of the city which had become so polluted during the Industrial Revolution that officials deemed it a public health hazard.
The story of the burying of the Senne is one which demonstrates our separateness from nature both literally and figuratively. Within each of us is a buried river— a buried consciousness— submerged beneath the same antipathetical currents of separateness which drove the Industrial Revolution. The river flows on within all of us.

25 min / possible loop screening installation
Moving-image: Chloé Mossessian
Original Soundtrack: Hank Midnight
Editing: Chloé Mossessian & Hank Mittnacht
Soundtrack mastering: Sarah Register
Super 8 processing: Color Film Archives

In partnership with the Sewer Museum of the City of Brussels & the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

Thank you François Huet, Odile Repolt, Jennifer Douzenel, Vincent Huet, Antoine Huet, Ariane Martens, Didier Martens, Ku Tzu-Chun, Manuel Neves, Erwan Bout, Sarah Register, Jane Paik, Katerina Papadopoulos

Underground River’s soundtrack

is available to purchase on Bandcamp

Residency Huet Repolt studio views