Production Journal

Fall 2023
Workshop in Collège Clermont, Pau, France
Forêt Cinématographique
Production of episode #4

Summer 2023 Artistic Residency, Pyrenees ⛰

Frontières Nomades
At the invitation of accès)s( cultures électroniques (Pau, FR) and of ETOPIA Center for Art and Technology (Zaragoza, ES), to develop the 3rd film of the In Search of Old Growth series.

Screenings :
In Search of Old Growth #3 : Talking Forest

As part of Festival accès)s(
Cinéma Le Méliès, October 6, 2023

As part of exhibition El mundo es bosque
Etopia, November 2, 2023

Winter 2023
Research, Adirondaks Mountains

Fall 2022
Production of Episode #2 : Manel’s Fountain

"Tandis que le silence s’appuyait à tous les troncs, la voix de la source nous appelait parmi les ombres obliques du soir. “

“L’eau glisse toujours comme si elle tombait d’une étoile. Celui qui s’y penche y retrouve le visage du vieux berger."

— J.-S. Pons, Le Souvenir de Manel (Concert d'été, 1945)

Excerpts (in French) from “Le Souvenir de Manel” written by catalan poet J.-S. Pons. Read by his grandson, painter Sébastien Frère, recorded by filmmaker Claude Mossessian. Sorède, November 2022. Merci à eux !

Summer 2022
Production of Episode #1 : Hidden Forests

«I think if the arts somehow take up this story of kinship, connectivity— the relocation of meaning outward into a shared process of rehabilitation— what seems like a depressive set of sacrifices to very little end could instead begin to be represented as a kind of joyful assertion of purpose: a kind of leverage of diversity and difference that we’ve already begun to undertake in so many other cultural sites.»

— Richard Powers (author of The Overstory), in an interview with Ezra Klein for the NYTimes ︎︎︎