Hidden Forests


In each of us lives a hidden forest... Eight persons recount memories of forests through voice recordings, music and images.

A collaborative film with sound recordings by Flore Eckmann, Noa Robin, Alice Narcy, Ken Grinde, Carine Habauzit & Laurène Barnel (LEÏ)

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«I think if the arts somehow take up this story of kinship, connectivity— the relocation of meaning outward into a shared process of rehabilitation— what seems like a depressive set of sacrifices to very little end could instead begin to be represented as a kind of joyful assertion of purpose: a kind of leverage of diversity and difference that we’ve already begun to undertake in so many other cultural sites.»

— Richard Powers (author of The Overstory), in an interview with Ezra Klein for the NYTimes ︎︎︎